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Alpert Business Consulting


Cambridge Consulting is in partnership with Alpert Business Consulting based in New York – USA. Cambridge Consulting is appointed as a representative of Alpert Consulting to market and sell technology solutions for Human Resource selection, development and management needs within organizations internationally.

Alpert Business Consulting, LLC is dedicated to generating profitable sales growth for its clients. Utilizing Benjamin E. Alpert’s reinforcement-based training design the firm is able to create successful results which are the product of learned skills, process and effort.

With that focus in mind, we work to develop a sales program that is customized for each client. This program, accompanied by the appropriate learned skills, is what has allowed for proven success with our clients.

Alpert Business Consulting believes in the personal approach to sales training and frequently goes into “the field” with its clients’ sales personnel to conduct real, “live” training. We use this approach to help reinforce the classroom-style learning in an effort to ensure that each salesperson is successfully utilizing the learned techniques and applying them effectively.

Alpert Consulting Product List:
  • Employee Climate Survey
  • Management Attitude and Cultural Survey (MACS)
  • Management Profiler
  • ProScreen
  • Sales Evaluation
  • S.M.A.R.T.S Survey
  • ABC Evaluation
  • Exit Interview