HR Outsourcing

The HR outsourcing service from Cambridge Consulting gives you the chance to focus on with what matters most—the job in hand—with the added security that your business is compliant with the latest legislation.
Whatever your industry, here is the HR support you can enjoy.

Our flexible HR Outsourcing solutions incorporate all facets of HR and Talent Management.

  • Learning & Development
  • Recruitment
  • HR Compliance
  • Legal Support
  • Organizational Change

We know that it is tough for small to medium-sized organizations to offer their employees the breadth of HR support and development they need, whilst also staying compliant within today’s complicated regulatory landscape. We also know what it takes from a people perspective to grow and scale-up a business.
We love to release the potential of your employees by engaging them with your vision and enabling them to grow via our learning and development support. We will be there onsite when you need us, acting as an extension to your team.
Our team will create a completely creative strategy that enables you to attract the best talent to your business. On top of this our Employee methods ensures your employees are fully engaged with your employer brand delivering an industry leading retention rate for your organization.

  • People led, technology enabled solutions.
  • Your own dedicated HR team covering all areas of HR in the exact mix and quantity required.
  • White-labelled under your brand.
  • Support via our HR Shared Service Center for day to day HR queries and provision of back-office HR operations and admin.
  • Instant ability to scale-up in total alignment with the speed of your business growth.
  • Access to cloud based and mobile-enabled technology to support all aspects of the employee life-cycle.
  • Transparent monthly Management Information (MI) and Return on Investment (ROI) reporting.
The Cambridge Consulting Process
  • Deliver group and individual trainings covering a range of technical and operational soft skills, management skills and sales training in a specified field.
  • Tailoring the training programs to use ‘real’ exercises and case studies, relevant to the organization business. This immediately creates an environment that ensures the transfer of skills from training room to workplace.
  • Following each training event our trainer asks each trainee to create an action plan and commit to specific behavioral changes, within a given time period upon their return to work. We follow this with a three months evaluation to investigate how exactly the training has helped them to improve within their role. This can be done in conjunction with the company’s internal HR dept. or line managers if desired.
Contracts & documentation

Though Cambridge Consulting has HR expertise for every industry, we still get to know your business and the way it works. That way, we can provide you with letters and documentation tailored to your precise business needs—the basis for any strong employment policy.

Unlimited 24-hour advice line

BrightHR is our secure, cloud-based software with unlimited storage that lets you take care of all sickness, holiday and shift planning in one place. Use it on the go via the free iOS or Android app, and send and receive alerts between you and your employees.

Cambridge Consulting Online

Your online portal for HR and health & safety management, where you can find copies of your company’s employment documents and templates, as well as a range of management tools for your employee records.

News and updates

We send you regular updates on all the latest breaking news and HR and legislation changes affecting your organization. Plus, every month you get our newsletter, In the Loop, packed with free business tips and advice.

Insurance (UK Practice Only)

With the free business legal insurance policy from Cambridge Consulting, enjoy peace of mind knowing you have our entire legal department working for you on retainer. And should you ever face a tribunal, our solicitors represent you for free.

HR software

With the free business legal insurance policy from Cambridge Consulting, enjoy peace of mind knowing you have our entire legal department working for you on retainer. And should you ever face a tribunal, our solicitors represent you for free.

If your organisation has five employees or fewer, Cambridge Consulting gives you an invaluable opportunity to have a dedicated HR department without the spiralling expense of recruiting one in-house.
Instead, for a fixed investment with no hidden surprises—guaranteed—Cambridge Consulting acts as your dedicated HR department, offering advice and support tailored to your specific small business needs.

For many medium-to-large businesses, HR management is so vast and complex that their internal HR employees struggle to deal with it all. That’s why smarter employers come to Cambridge Consulting for help.
If you have a larger business, you can integrate Cambridge Consulting into your existing HR team and use our HR outsourcing service as a support function to help keep you safe and compliant with legislation.

When you have a big HR problem that you don’t have time for, how much better would it be to have a solicitor or senior HR professional visit you and solve it within a day?
Introducing Cambridge Consulting Face2Face, the on-site and in-person answer to the staff management problems keeping you awake at night.

Whatever your HR issue, free yourself from the pressure and pass it all on to us. We’ll give you clear, impartial and reassuring support to help you avoid a tribunal claim on cases including:

  • Grievance meetings.
  • Disciplinary meetings.
  • HR investigations.
  • Appeals.
  • Capability reviews.
  • Medical capability reviews.
  • Redundancy consultations.
  • TUPE consultations.

Our quick, reliable and premium-standard service makes you confident that you’re safe, brings closure to a difficult time, and gives you peace of mind. Here’s how it works:

How it works for you

Although HR is complex, Cambridge Consulting Face2Face makes it easy. Our experienced consultants solve your problem in four simple steps:

  1. Arrange meetings and prepare you, so you know what to expect.
  2. Visit your premises to chair or support you through the meetings.
  3. Hold any necessary internal investigations.
  4. Give you a positive outcome with full documentation.

And, if you’re ever unsure about anything, your International Face2Face point of contact is a phone call away. Start fixing your issue today with a free consultation.