Training Outsourcing

Cambridge Consulting is a leading provider of innovative training, education and recruitment. Established in 1964 CCS has delivered thousands of successful programmes to a range of small and large organisations nationwide and helped many people into employment.
Outsource provides Apprenticeships and Traineeships on a range of subjects at various levels. These include administration, aviation, broadcasting, IT, customer service, management, marketing, retail and warehousing. For more information on the programmes we deliver please email us at

Supporting both employer and learner every step of the way Outsource will adapt its training to suit any employer and any learning style delivering meaningful, unique and tailored programmes. We will match the right candidate for your vacancy and ensure they reach their true potential increasing their and the business they work for effectiveness.

For more than 50 years, in almost 40 countries, Cambridge Consulting Services has been helping world-class companies transform the way they provide learning. We provide the services that ensure organisations can provide training throughout their enterprise and drive their competitive advantage.
Today training professionals are challenged with increased expectations and reduced resources. Many factors contribute to the decision to choose a training outsourcing solution as their business strategy:

Expertise and Experience

You may not always possess the necessary resources to meet their learning requirements. A survey conducted by the IDC showed that 29% of companies outsource “to deliver more training than internal resources could provide” while 23% do so “to gain better quality & reliability.” Learning outsourcing leverages on the competencies of people who focus on enterprise learning.

Flexibility and Customization

While the importance of training remains, the actual activity varies. Depending on your learning requirements, you need to scale up or scale down resources. Learning outsourcing provides an opportunity for flexible and custom-made solutions that closely fulfills your needs.

Cost and Time

Through a mix of delivery methods, you can save up to 40% of your costs and shorten the time to rollout trainings and other talent development initiatives. Through CCS outsourcing, these activities are executed more efficiently.

Organisational Performance

By outsourcing all or parts of your learning tasks, you can focus on your core tasks while fulfilling the training needs of your company. As the competencies of your people are enhanced, you mitigate the risk of failure, improve their responsiveness to shifting trends, boost the quality of their operations and succeed in meeting their objectives. Learning outsourcing can drive your organisation’s overall performance.

Whatever your reasons to outsource your training functions, be assured that RPS has the flexibility provide you with the best in class solution for your needs.

The Traineeship programme can last for a maximum of six months. The Traineeship programme delivered by CCS enables learners aged between the ages of 16-23 to take part in a two week training course where they will begin to develop crucial employability skills in a wide range of areas. After completion of the two week training course, each learner is placed into a work placement at an external organisation. This work placement will provide an opportunity for each learner to apply their skills and further develop in these areas whilst gaining valuable work experience.
Outsource Training work alongside employers to monitor the progress of each learner whilst on their work placement so as to ensure that they are receiving the necessary support for their progression.

The initial two week programme consists of supporting learners to develop skills:

  • Develop confidence.
  • Develop sustainable motivation.
  • Recognise and overcome challenges.
  • Develop resilience and a greater sense of identity.
  • Break down social barriers and step out of comfort zones in order to achieve successful transition into lasting employment.
  • Transform negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns.
  • Work collaboratively for successful results.
  • Develop aspiration- short term and long term career goals.
  • Express themselves creatively.
  • Understand their contribution and the benefits of becoming part of a wider economy.