Building Team Effectiveness

The Need

There are a number of situations where a team needs to step back and look at how it is operating in order to prove its effectiveness. This can include the following:

  • A newly established team usually needs help in understanding how it is going to go forward.
  • The integration of new people into a team frequently requires a fresh look at how the group of individuals will work together.
  • In establishing and achieving goals, there is often a need for teams to understand their individual and collective values and personal styles as well as the impact these have on the team’s effectiveness.
  • Specific aspects of team effectiveness can need addressing. For example, a top management team seeking to initiate cultural change within an organization needs to identify its own values as a collective and the values of its individual members.
The Cambridge Consulting Process

Cambridge Consulting’s work with teams is built around a model of effectiveness which evaluates a team’s goals, processes, relationships and roles. In our view, for successful interventions, teams need to address each of these dimensions. Additionally, our work seeks to create real change in teams by:

  • Operating a series of interventions to ensure change is properly embedded in the workings of the team.
  • Seeking to provide individuals with insights into themselves and others.
  • Identifying and defining actions and carefully monitoring their progress.