Executive Coaching

The Need
  • Changes in business strategy require new ways of working.
  • Organizations need Cambridge Consulting Coaching when:
    • Strategic goals require changes in managerial capability or behavior.
    • Groups of managers have increasing demands made upon them and management capability needs to be improved in order to meet those demands.
    • A more developmental culture is needed: managers who have a powerful coaching experience begin to coach their own people more effectively and open feedback becomes the norm.
The Cambridge Consulting Process

In our view, successful coaching interventions require that managers know themselves well, fully recognize what is required of them, accept deep-down the importance of changing, know what to do in order to change, have the support they need and recognize how to use their strengths to the full. In order to achieve these ends, the Coach acts as: a confidential and neutral sounding board, a challenger, a source of expertise, an in-depth assessor and a provider of accurate and honest feedback. Our emphasis is on long-lasting behavior change: doing things differently. In concrete terms, the individual is helped to: Take stock of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses.