Public Sector

Cambridge Consulting has prominent public sector clients, throughout the MENA region, performing such services for governments as economic development, capacity building and restructuring, impact assessment, and competitive assessment. As trusted advisors to government organizations within the MENA region, Cambridge Consulting seeks to offer progressive strategies to help address the range of challenges facing the public sector. Our clients include the Greater Amman Municipality, Kuwait Ministry of Finance, United Nations Development Program, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, and many others.

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  • Institutional Assessments
  • Governance and Strategic Planning
  • Human Resource Management and Training
  • Public and Non-Profit Financial Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Cambridge Consulting works in conjunction with local and national governments, conducting research for development projects and assisting local/national governments in increasing their efficiency levels, thus increasing public revenue and the quality of delivered services. As the current economic climate continues to adversely impact both the private and public sectors, Cambridge Consulting utilizes its significant experience in both sectors of the economy, to bring unique and original ideas to consultancy. Also, as many different governments around the globe face similar problems and impediments to development, Cambridge Consulting’s expertise is applicable to a wide range of governmental challenges, allowing our consultants to share their vast expertise, and apply new solutions to new problems. The governments of developing nations face a wide variety of challenges, including but not limited to, increasing governmental capacity, governmental accountability towards constituents, and improving the provision of public services. Cambridge Consulting’s experience in dealing with these challenges is formidable, offering developing nations a wide range of options, in addressing such challenges.

Cambridge Consulting is able to perform detailed operational assessments of public organizations, analyzing the organization’s functions, capabilities, productivity, Human Resources management and the development process of the organization’s products/services in order to offer recommendations to increase capacity, service delivery and minimize inefficiencies. The company will engage in a long term, cooperative approach with public sector institutions, in order to ensure that the strategies Cambridge Consulting develops are implemented.

Good governance is one of the essential pillars of economic development. The regional experience of Cambridge Consulting allows it to utilize best practices to the development process, as well as other aspects of the public sector. In specific, Cambridge Consulting develops recommendations for public organizations, such as the steps towards implementing solid, long term strategic initiatives, defining the specific functions and responsibilities of each organization and the proper management structure for each stage of the institution’s evolution. At each step, efficiency and accountability to the citizenry will be emphasized.

Cambridge Consulting offers a wide variety of Human Resource Management and Training services, ranging from methods to attract, train, stimulate and retain competent and hard working staff. The firm is capable of conducting strategic staff assessments, detailed analyses of staff abilities, skills and knowledge levels, and studies of comparative wages and benefits (across sectors, company sizes, and other benchmarks) as well as the impacts such wages and benefits will have on employment and morale. By developing ‘skills audits’ and profiles of the capabilities of the organization’s employees, Cambridge Consulting is able to assist public institutions in identifying and analyzing their weaknesses, in terms of skills and capabilities levels, as well as to re-assign, train, develop and provide incentives for staff, in order to maximize their potential.

Cambridge Consulting’s public and non-profit financial management services allows institutions to guarantee that their funds/assets are administered in an accountable, efficient and capable manner, thus increasing the long-term viability of the institution. Cambridge Consulting also offers financial management services, such as the formulation of financial policies and measures, such as new methods of procurement, re-structuring internal controls and the temporary re-assignment of financial specialists, to more suitable positions.

Cambridge Consulting has a team of professionals who specialize in developing and implementing Monitoring & Evaluation systems and plans to determine the feasibility of achieving objectives and goals. Our approach also includes follow-up assessments to determine how effective implementation has been.